Online Digital Marketing Training

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Fundamentals of Digital Marketing:

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course will equip all with the introductory skills and insights to be highly effective digital marketers and generate a measurable impact.

The course also covers all these key skills of search engine optimization and how to incorporate SEO into an effective marketing strategy.
Key Learning Objectives
Understand the fundamentals of digital marketing
Understand the customer lifecycle in marketing terminology
Gain knowledge of future marketing trends and technology
Learn all about on-page best practices; SEO methods to generate
relevant keywords; competitive analytics; site optimization and
best practices.
Course Curriculum
Introduction to Digital Marketing
Section 1 – Fundamental Concepts of Digital Marketing
Lesson 1 – Introduction to Digital Marketing
Lesson 2 – History of Digital Marketing
Lesson 3 – Developing and Nurturing a Digital Culture
Lesson 4 – Where is Digital Marketing Headed
Lesson 5 – Global Impact of Digital Marketing

Section 2 – Customer Lifecycle
Lesson 1 – Acquisition
Lesson 2 – Engagement
Lesson 3 – Conversion
Lesson 4 – Onboarding, Retention, and Expansion

Section 3 – Marketing Technology
Lesson 1 – Mobile and IoT
Lesson 2 – Analytics
Lesson 3 – Challenges of an Offline-Online Experience

Section 4 – The Future of Digital Marketing
Lesson 1 – A Peek into the Future

Search Engine Optimization Foundations
Course Introduction
Lesson 1 – SEO Introduction
Lesson 2 – How Search Engines Work
Lesson 3 – Types of SEO
Lesson 4 – Keyword Research and Competitive Intelligence
Lesson 5 – On-Page Optimization
Lesson 6 – Off-Page Optimization

Lesson 7 – Duplicate Content
Lesson 8 – Design and Architecture
Lesson 9 – Local SEO
Lesson 10 – Algorithm Updates and SEO Changes
Lesson 11 – Integrating SEO with Other Disciplines
Lesson 12 – SEO Tools
Lesson 13 – How to Build a Successful Career in SEO

Advanced Search Engine Optimization
Section 1: Introduction to SEO
Section 2: How Search Engines Work
Section 3: Keyword Research
Section 4: On-Page Optimization
Section 5: Website Management and Optimization
Section 6: Off-Page SEO
Section 7: Planning A New Website
Section 8: Market Your Optimized Website
Section 9: Analytics and Measurement
Section 10: What’s Next-Learning Path