Become an Digital Marketing Freelancer.

There are a few other reasons to freelance that rarely get.
*Low entry barrier
*No more than 9 to 5
*Infinite career growth
*Full control
1. Low entry barrier:
Unlike many other business ventures, freelancing in SEO doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive. Sweat equity goes a long way in the SEO industry.
Keyword Research & Link Analysis Tool: $ 99 / m (see Ahrefs 7-day trial).
Web Crawl / Diagnostic Tool – Use ScreamingFrog ($ 193 / year), but use Ahrefs Site Audit to save on this cost.
Accounting software to track income, expenses, billing, etc. – Use QuickBooks for $ 50 / m.
Proposal software: I use Prospero for $ 8 / m.
Time Tracking Software – I use Harvest for $ 12 / m.
Google Analytics and Google Search Console: free
For less than $ 200 per month, set it up with the tools need to smash the search results.
The best part is that don’t even need to invest this money until having an income.
2. No more than 9 to 5:
When working as a full-time freelancer, with the idea of ​​not working from 9 to 5.
Despite getting the job done, he felt like he was doing something wrong by not sitting at the desk.
If someone does the work and is available to customers during business hours, it doesn’t matter if they’re sitting at the desk or playing golf at any time of the day.
3. Infinite career growth:
Never forget the conversations had with various leaders about promotions and raises.
It always seemed that it was necessary to do more, earn more income, train more employees.
Get rewarded with a promotion or raise.
Don’t trust other people to advance the career or profit.
Working as a full-time freelancer allows owning 100% of the growth and income.
4. Full control:
Freelancing full time is not just sunshine and rainbows, but someone is in control.
Decide who will work with, for what amount of money, and what level of work will commit to doing.
Freelance SEO work is simple.
Learn SEO, find clients, and charge them money for services.
*Build the network.
*Put the books in order.
*Trust the price.
*Effective communication is key.
*Create the own website.
*Create assets to support the pipeline.
*Get found online.
*Know the role.
Build the network:
Opt for a full-time freelancer, the first thing to do is create a spreadsheet with all the industry contacts.
Put the books in order:
Terrified as a freelance beginner who couldn’t afford an accountant.
Tax savings of easy payment for the services.
Trust the price:
Do not take on any work at a rate that regret in the future.
Ahrefs surveyed the SEO industry and found that between $ 100 and $ 150 is the most common hourly rate.
Effective communication is key:
Consider skills as one of the strengths. Spoiled when it’s full time and it costs.
Create the own website:
Highly recommend creating a website for the brand. The personal website is the 2020+ resume.
If don’t have a website, how can people learn more about him/her.
See the type of services to offer or even examples of the success they have achieved.
Get creative with the website.
While one should always work to improve it, don’t let it prevent from taking action.
Create assets to support the pipeline:
Start writing the weekly SEO newsletter.
Some of the best projects come from valued readers who have been subscribers for years.
To be found online:
Don’t need a high domain rating (DR) website or newsletter with thousands of subscribers to work as an SEO freelancer.
Make it so that they find online.
The service offering is getting customers found online, and if they can’t find online, it could be an uphill battle to close deals.
Similar to how Ahrefs is giving me the opportunity to write this post, reach out to the dozens of SEO / digital websites to contribute the knowledge.
This is not the time to be spammy.
Seek to provide real value and associate knowledge with name.
Make it easy to help others by providing them with amazing content.
It really is a win/win for everyone involved.

Know the role:
Unlike the 9-5 job, working as a full-time freelancer will require using multiple roles: Project Manager, Executioner, and Entrepreneur.
Used to the role of executor of the 9 to 5, but are also ready to be the project manager and the entrepreneur.
It is strongly recommended that everyone try to work independently.

As long as to provide good service, communicate effectively, and meet deadlines, rest assured that everyone will be very successful.