Difference between content quality and backlink quality.

The quality of the content and not the quality or quantity of the backlinks.

From an SEO point of view; it’s from an all-channel point of view.

Provide a quality website experience for quality backlinks.

Get a lot of traffic from the quality backlinks, that traffic is useless if the content of the website does not meet the needs of the visitors.

Backlinks are important because they help build trust and authority for many search engines.

Quality backlinks also attract new customers, readers, and leads, because they come from relevant current sources, such as major media, trade publications, and specialist blogs.

This is why quality content is more important than backlinks (whether good or bad).

The content includes:


The text of the pages, the redaction options for navigation, the categorical structure, the navigation paths.



  • On the page.
  • The bottom.


The design of the content itself.

In some cases, the product is manufactured and sold directly.

The content is the official product page and the content is worth a link.

It’s also important for all of us to remember that SEO is only a small part of the picture.

SEO drives traffic and sales, populates our email lists, and drives brand awareness.

But quality content will convert traffic from PPC, influencers, affiliates, and social networks, keep the email list engaged, and also weed out competitors for specific keywords that the backlinks can’t rank for.

Businesses should never rely on any channel, including SEO, for revenue.

Choosing between the two is that without quality content, there is no justifiable reason to have quality backlinks and search engines will pick up on the game.

Once the search engines find the link scheme, one will be devalued or penalized for an unnatural link scheme.

For a quality backlink, create something noteworthy and provide the website with a resource worth linking to.

Think about creating a ton of quality backlinks and the website content is rubbish.

By having quality content, the visitors can remember the experience they had previously and skip in the future.

All the traffic in the world doesn’t matter if one can’t convert the traffic into leads, sales, subscribers, or increased page views.

Bouncing visitors only costs server bandwidth and advertisers who would normally spend higher CPMs on ad slots.

This is why quality content is so much more valuable than quality or any kind of backlinks.

Rank websites based on quality content, site structure, and external links.

Get rankings, start getting sources, and the site backlinks will start to grow naturally.

Once those links start coming in, that’s when it becomes even easier to get more backlinks by submitting to journalists and other high-quality sources.

Provide a quality website experience if someone wants quality backlinks.

And if one to go the other route to creating backlinks that are not based on the merits of the content, that traffic is useless once the content on the website does not meet the needs of the visitors.

Focus on the content first and then on building quality backlinks.