Effective competitive research

Effective competitive research: –

  • SEO automation helps streamline the competitive research process.
  • One cannot blindly enter a competitive niche and expect good results.
  • Both established businesses and aspiring startups can benefit from competitive research.
  • Discover how a successful business can find some unused opportunities for further growth by analyzing the competition.
  • Use the competitive research tool of the SE ranking to quickly get all the insights to need.
  • With SEO automation tools such as SE ranking, one can streamline the entire competitive research process and spend valuable time on activities that help push.

Finding competitors:

  • Competitive research always begins with learning who the digital rivals are.
  • These sites need to be scrutinized to further reflect their strategy.
  • Get a list of current online competitors using the SE ranking and enter the website in the Competitive Research Tool and go to the Organic Competitors section.
  • Data can be found on every competing website.
  • The columns of common keywords and missing keywords show the keyword overlaps between the site and its competitors.
  • DT, total keyword and traffic columns show how powerful a competitor’s website is.
  • Some websites get millions of visitors every month and so far there are more than 80 competitors with a domain trust score.
  • In addition to automatic filtering, common sense should also be used when evaluating niche.
  • Click right from the tool to find out if competitors’ sites are really direct competitors.
  • When visiting competing websites, pay attention to their main offers and category pages that are easily accessible from the header or footer links, not to mention everything they put on the homepage.

Expanding Target Keyword List:

  • To identify a potential direct competitor, the competitor can immediately find some good keyword possibilities by clicking on the Missing Keywords column next to the site.
  • It gives an idea of ​​what topics can be covered and what additional products can be sold.
  • One can target the site to find valuable keyword possibilities.
  • Difficulty scoring and search volume metrics can help to get rid of keywords.
  • In addition to analyzing a single competitor’s keyword list, the competitor comparison feature also allows to compare it to two websites simultaneously.
  • This type of comparison can help identify search queries targeted by analyzed competitors.

Waste potential & finding pages with new content:

  • Keywords may take some time to analyze. It usually does not take long to examine the pages of competitors but it is still very important and probably more effective.
  • When analyzing the keyword overlap between the site and its rivals, they may not immediately see how important each keyword is to the competitor and how much traffic it brings.
  • Also, it takes some time to group all the selected keywords correctly.
  • Analyzing competitors’ pages not only provides a set of implementable topic ideas on the site but also allows to single out topics that have worked exceptionally well for the competitor.
  • To use this feature, paste the rival domain name in the Competitive Research Tool search bar and go to the Pages section.
  • Sort the data by column and filter the results to see which pages on the competitors’ websites are getting the most traffic and how much traffic they are getting each month.
Checking backlinks to see the full picture:
  • Some rival pages are more likely than not because they spend a lot of time promoting their important content and getting backlinks.
  • Perhaps, it helps to understand why the competitor page ranks higher in the search.
  • Judging by the number of backlinks, one can conclude that the competitor page is doing nothing special in terms of outreach and off-page SEO.
  • By examining the data in the market, one can form a clear picture of the competitors and develop a strategy on how to keep the business out of them.
  • Competitors can be very difficult to beat on some battlefields, but they have opportunities that keep the possibilities wide open.
  • Properly investigating competition shows hidden opportunities and helps to adjust the own digital marketing strategy accordingly.