Google featured snippet with WordPress site

Google featured snippet with WordPress site: –

  • Featured snippets are the highlighted results for Google search.
  • Users are more likely to click on a featured snippet than a direct search result.
  • Highlighted results are shown at the top of the Google Featured Snippets‌ page.
  • In the featured snippet, the Google search result can be displayed in the answer box or highlighted using microdata from the website.
  • For example, if Google considers a website to be an appropriate answer to a user’s question, it will appear at the top with the relevant text displayed as a description.
  • Similarly, Google also uses metadata to retrieve important information from websites and display them in the search results above.
  • For example, if one searches for a local business, their relevant business information will be at the top.
  • Featured snippets can enhance product pages for the online stores, better display recipes, highlight real estate listings and much more.
  • Improved search performance of featured snippets improves the organic click-through rate and provides more free traffic to the website.
  • That’s why all smart business owners optimize their websites so that they have the maximum chances of appearing as featured snippets in Google searches.

Getting a Google Featured Snippet Using All-in-One SEO:

  • Google uses metadata and its Knowledge Graph API to display a variety of featured snippets.
  • Schema markup is a specialized vocabulary used in the HTML code of content to give search engines more context about websites and personal pages.
  • It is the best WordPress SEO plugin on the market used by over 2 million websites.
  • They help to easily optimize the website for higher search engine rankings.
  • AIO SEO automatically adds support, which helps provide information for the Google Knowledge Graph.
  • It includes full WooCommerce SEO support, native SEO, images, news, video optimization and more.
  • Install and activate All-in-One SEO for WordPress Plugin.
  • After activating, asked to run the Setup Wizard.
  • This is an easy way to quickly select the best SEO settings for the website.

Setting up knowledge graph information in WordPress:

  • Search engines use knowledge graph information to display knowledge panels.
  • These panels appear when someone searches for an organization or individual.

Adding local business information to featured snippets:

  • More than 40% of all searches on the Internet have a local purpose.
  • Most of these searches lead to sales as customers are looking for directions and purchases.
  • Many businesses and companies have retail locations and offices that customers can visit.

Add SEO schema markup on WordPress posts/pages:

  • Automatically adds the correct schema markup for all-in-one SEO content.
  • Go to the All-in-One SEO »Search Appearance page and switch to the Content Types tab.
  • This feature is especially useful for businesses that use pages to sell products with or without the use of the eCommerce plugin.
  • Edit the product landing page and change its schema type to the product.

Adding Breadcrumbs Navigation in WordPress:

  • Another way to turn a search list into a better-featured snippet is by using breadcrumb navigation.
  • Breadcrumb Navigation lets users know where they are on the website in relation to the homepage.
  • Display the Breadcrumb Navigation Trial on the website.
  • It allows users to go up and down, browse categories and find more products and content.
  • For search engines, all-in-one SEO automatically adds the required markup to the HTML code of the website.

Get site links for WordPress in Google search:

  • Site links are additional links that Google shows under a specific search term.
  • They are usually found for brand and website names, but they are also used for other types of searches.
  • Increase the chances of getting site links by creating the right website structure.
  • It involves adding all the important pages for the website and using the categories to properly manage the website structure.

Appear in the answer box for Google search:

  • Answer boxes are the search results that appear above and Google treats them as the search user’s purpose of the answer.
  • Answer boxes have an average click-through rate of 30%, which makes them extremely profitable.
  • Answer boxes for keywords, especially those intended for purchase, can lead to sales and increase conversions.
  • The only way to find content boxes is to improve the quality of the content.
  • Make sure it is comprehensive and answers customer questions from different angles.