Google Search Console removes search appearance from rich results.

Google Search Console removes search appearance from rich results: –

  • Google turns off the generic search look of rich results in Search Console.
  • Google is retiring the generic search appearance of rich results in Search Console performance reports, as there are now individual filters for most types of rich results.
  • Google is getting rid of rich results reporting in Search Console.
  • Google is removing a specific filter that combined all the rich results data into one view.
  • The generic look and feel of rich search results is no longer necessary, Google says, as many of the supported rich result types have their own break row.
  • Pooling all your data for rich results was never an ideal solution, but it was the only solution available at a time when granular reporting was not available.
  • Google Search Console now supports 19 types of search appearance in performance reports.
  • If a site is eligible for multiple types of rich results, combining all the impression data into a single metric is not as useful for the site owner.
  • Removing the search appearance does not affect traffic in any way; it’s just a report change.
  • Site owners aren’t losing data either, as the Search Console performance report will continue to provide data on individual rich result types in its own drill down rows.
  • Google will continue to support the generic look of rich search results until August 2021.
  • Starting in August, it will no longer be available in Search Console or the API.