Managing and editing Google business profile from Google search.

Managing and editing Google business profile from Google search: –

  • Claiming and optimizing Google’s business profile is one of the best ways to help the company rank higher in Google search results.
  • Many changes have been made to Google’s local listing program, including improved functionality that manages Google’s business profile directly from Google Search.
  • People have been able to manage their business profiles from Google search, but the features and functionality of managing and editing a business profile in search have greatly increased.
  • Most business owners are not aware that this management feature is an option.
  • This is an issue, especially since Google wants merchants to adopt Google search as a go-to way to manage Google business profiles.
  • Since the majority of businesses with Google business profiles have the same location, Google recommends maintaining their position directly from Google Search to Business Profile Manager.
  • If have been in Business Profile Manager lately, probably notice a blue prompt prompting try to manage the business profile directly from Search.
  • If they have more than 100 businesses in one account, they will not be able to manage those Google business profiles by searching.
  • They should be managed in the old fashioned way by the Business Profile Manager.
  • Once the business profile is verified, they can manage the profile directly from Google search but it can take up to 14 days to get that option.
  • Use the Business Profile Manager to manage the profile until they can manage it in Google search.

To start managing the Google business profile in search:

  • Enjoy the convenience of managing my business profiles in Business Profile Manager.
  • However, Google is pushing to get single-position merchants to use Google search to manage profiles instead of profile manager.
  • This is where the confusion and further help and hints are needed.
  • To get started, make sure to get signed in to a Google Account to use to manage the business profile.
  • Go to Google and search for the exact business name (city to be added) or even “My Business”.
  • If have more than one profile and need to maintain a specific business profile, click View Profile.
  • See the Company Knowledge Panel on the right and the Business Profile Management section on the left.
  • The menu allows managing the main function of managing Google’s business profile.
  • This is where one can make many edits to the profile, add updates, add products and services, etc.
  • Also, find any updates and changes that Google makes to the profile based on information found online or user-suggested edits.

Here is a brief description of each section of the menu:

Edit profile:

What one can do:

  • Edit business info – hours, contact info, website URL and other details.
  • Add and remove products and services.
  • Upload photos and videos.


  • Here one can check Google Business Profile insights, add photos, ask customers for reviews, create posts‌s and get a short URL for more.


  • One can view and respond to reviews, view information about inbound calls, view and reply to messages/chats, and answer questions asked by people on Q&A.


  • Various “chips” also appear in the Business Profile Management section.
  • The chips may look different from other dealer chips.
  • Take a look at the different chips available and what they allow to do.
  • For example, clicking on the “Add Exterior Photo” chip will make it easier to upload a photo of the front of the store or outside the office building.
  • Use these chips to maximize and optimize the Google business profile.

Google collects information from a variety of sources:

  • The third-party sources from which they entered into the agreement.
  • User-suggested edits.
  • AI.
  • Other online resources (e.g., government databases, online directories/citation sites, business websites, information it receives from people who answer the question “Know this place”).

Google often cross-checks the information in their business profile and compares it with what they find online.

If they spot discrepancies, they may decide that the information is incorrect and change the information in the Google business profile.

If Google changes the information in the business profile, one will receive an email warning that the information has changed.