Multi-position SEO.

Multi-position SEO: –

Having multi-position SEO allows businesses to attract website traffic from different states or countries around the world.

  • Multi-location SEO offers many benefits to e-commerce businesses that offer global or international shipping.
  • If they have it, one can expand their customer base and grow the business quickly.
  • To attract locals from different places, they should probably follow the local SEO strategy.
  • Imagine that the business has franchises or branches in different cities or countries.
  • One can serve multiple locations or ship products internationally or globally.
  • Attracting traffic from customers based on specific location through multi-position SEO.
  • Multi-position SEO helps to improve search traffic from different locations.
  • Locals who do searches related to relevance or services can see the website at the top of the search results.
  • Multi-position SEO allows search engines to distinguish between multiple positions.
  • Local customers can find relevant information on products and offers available at nearby outlets.

Advantages of multi-position SEO:

1. Increase local marketing results:

  • Marketing efforts can be enhanced by taking advantage of Google’s multi-position SEO features.
  • Google provides location-based data, such as drop pin on digital maps, with the exact address of the business, opening hours and other relevant information.
  • First-time customers can also use the “Street View” function to easily find the outlet.

2. Attract local customers:

  • Multi-location SEO outlet environments can attract more local customers.
  • About 45% of all Google search results are related to local information.
  • About 70 per cent of customers who conducted a local search visited a store five miles from their current location.
  • These figures show that incorporating a multi-position SEO strategy is good for the business.
  • When customers search for a local company that offers a specific product or service, search results display local businesses that specialize in it.

3. Raise brand awareness:

  • Multi-position SEO raises awareness about a product or service by increasing traffic to product pages.
  • When customers use keywords related to business offers, product pages may appear in the top search results.
  • Businesses that are SEO optimized for these positions will appear at the top of search results.
  • Following a local SEO strategy will increase sales.
  • Businesses that want to improve their visibility in the local area can improve their local presence.

E-commerce businesses optimize for multiple locations:

  • More and more consumers are switching to e-commerce because it is faster and more convenient.
  • The unique advantage of e-commerce is the ability to cater to customers from different places, states or countries.
  • Although the e-commerce business is located in the US, the online shop is viewed by consumers in countries such as France, Italy and Germany.
  • Start international shipping.
  • If the business is not found in the search engine then international customers will not find it.
  • Therefore, following a multi-position SEO strategy is crucial for business profits.
  • Multi-location SEO is not just about attracting traffic to a website.
  • It can also be used to attract customers to their regional website and to create unique pages and content for a specific location.

Steps to optimize for multiple locations:

1. Create a page for each location on the website:

  • Create pages based on business or customer location.
  • Creating a logical site structure to make it easier for search engines to find landing pages dedicated to a specific area.

For example, if the e-commerce store has different locations, it may receive the following URLs: (for specific state) (for the specific district).

2. Optimize each page for the position:

  • Google does not know if the page is for a specific location unless it tries to optimize it.
  • This includes adding a location in the title tag and meta description.

3. Create localized content for each location:

Create localized content based on the products and services available in a specific area.

E-commerce stores may consider creating the following landing pages with different products and services based on each region:

Store Location: Create special landing pages with information about physical outlets (if any).

Ideally, it should have a map and directions with opening hours, address, and pinned location.

Images: Add photos of physical outlets (if any).

Product pages: For products available only in a specific location, create customized product pages based on location.

Service pages: Describe the services provided in a specific location.

Blog Posts: Create blog posts designed to attract local customers based on a specific area.

These efforts ensure that local customers check the website and find information about them when purchasing.

4. Sign up for Google My Business:

  • Create a Google My Business account with listings for each location of the business.
  • A good listing should include basic business information, product photos, reviews and social media pages.
  • About 5% of Google My Business listing impressions lead to calls, clicks or inquiries about direction.
  • The list includes reviews from the web, popular times, website links, addresses, contact info, and any other customer-related facts.
  • This Google List contains all the information consumers need to know about the business.
  • They can order by clicking a button, read reviews and visit the website.

5. Showcase Reviews:

  • Consumers regularly search for reviews before considering a purchase from an online store.
  • 90% of consumers say that online reviews can influence their purchasing decision.
  • A 3-star to 5-star average rating on Google can lead to 25 per cent more clicks.
  • Businesses that achieved a 5-star rating also received nearly 70 per cent of clicks on local search, beating other competitors by a large margin.
  • Customers can easily write a review by clicking on the Google My Business listing.
  • To get more reviews, create an email asking customers to provide a review after the purchase.
  • Share reviews or testimonials to encourage customers to share their experiences with the business.
  • For better results, customers may be given a small incentive to provide a review such as coupons or freebies.

6. Create local business listings for each location:

  • In addition to Google, they can create local business listings on sites such as Yelp and Bing to improve their local search results.
  • Like Google My Business listings, it should contain relevant business information such as location, hours and directions.
  • Reviews contain key business information such as links, health and safety measures, website links and contact information.
  • Consumers like businesses with reviews, so ask customers to provide a review on these listed websites.
  • If there are any negative reviews, be sure to respond so that they can satisfy frustrated customers and raise the average review rating.
  • Also, add links to these lists on location-specific pages on the Website.
  • Customers can get the information they need by clicking a button.

7. Create backlinks for each location:

  • Backlinks are a key component in multiple SEOs.
  • Businesses that want to improve their ranking in multiple locations should create backlinks to individual pages for each location on their website.
  • Host or participate in community events to feature on local websites.
  • Partner with organizations that help make an impact and enhance connections with locals.
  • Network with journalists participating in news special events and published in local publications.
  • To earn more backlinks, they are more likely to increase their rankings in local search results.

Multi-position SEO brings a lot of benefits to the business.

  • This will not only provide them with an opportunity to increase brand awareness but also attract local customers.
  • Many people conduct local searches, improving customer acquisition results.
  • To reap the benefits of this SEO strategy, some need to create a page for business-related positions and optimize the page.
  • Get reviews and create local business listings so that customers have a better evaluation of the business.