Rejection of Facebook Ads and Fixing It.

Rejection of Facebook Ads and Fixing It: –

Facebook has a long list of restricted and prohibited content in its policies.

Controlled content is allowed but often some rules must be followed based on locale.

Prohibited content will never be allowed on Facebook.

There is a very long list of major reasons why Facebook ads are rejected due to violations with restricted content:

  • Illegal content for specific parties, if any, targeting alcohol advertising to persons under the age of 21 in the United States.
  • Discriminatory content.
  • Ads that use Facebook brand assets.
  • Advertising that infringes on copyrights or trademarks.
  • User interface screenshots.
  • Major advertisements request sensitive information such as criminal history, health or sexual orientation.
  • Advertising with inaccurate product descriptions or poorly positioned images such as irrelevant images.
  • Advertising with the aim of discriminating or provoking.
  • Content is restricted to specific locales and individuals, such as cryptocurrencies, social issues or pharmaceutical drugs.

Some content from Facebook has been rejected as completely prohibited.

Some examples:

  • Illegal products or services.
  • Tobacco-related items.
  • Drug-related statements.
  • Weapons and ammunition.
  • Adult content with nudity or suggestive imaging.
  • Misinformation or sensational content.
  • Content that is unclean or grammatically poor.
  • Advertising with malware.
  • Advertising that promotes exploitative business practices such as multilevel marketing.

Where to look to find out why a Facebook ad was rejected / why:

  • The first step in handling a rejected ad is to determine if it was rejected in the first place.
  • Therefore, we recommend sticking to Facebook for a few minutes to see if the latest ad has passed the initial automated test.
  • In general, it is best to check back with Facebook until the ad reaches the “Published” or “Active” level.
  • Get started by looking at the main Facebook profile dashboard.
  • Find the Ads Manager button and click on that button.
  • There are actually many other ways to view past ads on Facebook, such as a business suite page or ad centre.
  • An ad manager is an easy option for managing new, old and future ads, although the business suite has some additional tools for creating big campaigns.
  • Once in the Admin Manager, look for a summary of past ads, tools for creating new ads, and filters to view ads for up to 90 days.
  • Scroll down this page to reveal past statements.
  • The most recent ads are listed one by one, with information about Reach, Through Play and the amount spent for each successful ad.
  • See red-letter alerts from ads that have received a rejected tag.
  • Find rejected Facebook ads on the Facebook Business Suite page.
  • Go to the Recent Ads section for a list similar to the one in Ads Manager.
  • All rejected ads will receive the same red message.
  • If they look at how they are rejected, all parameters should show zeros.
  •  Facebook warns against rejected ads in the notifications panel.
  • View these notifications by clicking on the dropdown menu in the Facebook top menu.
  • The best course of action is to stick to one of the other methods to view rejected Facebook ads.

How to submit a review after Facebook ads are rejected:

  • All Facebook ads go through several automated review processes prior to publication.
  • Being automated means that algorithms and bots perform heavy lifting.
  • After initial automation, the opportunity to reach out to the Facebook customer support team.
  • There are two ways to dispute ad denials: automatically or by sending an email to customer support.
  • Submitting a Facebook ad for approval is the first step.
  • See how Facebook puts out all kinds of advertising content, from illegal to unethical.
  • The message will appear after the notification is submitted.
  • It should be noted that the ad status is under review.
  • Use Technologies to check ad status and go to Ads Manager to see what happens with the latest ad.
  • In general, an ad that looks professional enough for publication will receive a green “active” message, following all the rules.
  • The red “Rejected” message says that the automated Facebook Review System flagged the ad for violating its terms.
  • So, click on the View Results button next to the dubious Facebook ad.
  • All rejected Facebook ads contain details of why they were rejected in the first place.
  • Get a red mark and a message along with a lengthy description of the rule to be violated.
  • It’s very easy to immediately click on the Request Review button to try and force the ad.
  • However, it is best to modify the ad and try to remove questionable content or targeted practices.
  • Select the Request Review button and show that has worked in good faith to resolve all issues.
  • Click on the edit ad button for the rejected Facebook ad.
  • Each case varies in terms of necessary modifications.
  • Find out the need to remove personal or inappropriate content in the text or photo of the ad.
  • Change the target audience or remove some of the included filters.
  • After making edits to the original ad, go back to the View Results page and click on the Review button.
  • It provides a popup window to confirm that the Facebook ad has been modified and that want to review it again.
  • Keep in mind that the Request Review button may need to be clicked multiple times if more than one rule is violated.
  • The review process may take a little longer than the initial rejection.
  • To check the review status, go back to the Ads Manager page to see the status. Messages such as “Approved,” “under review” and “Rejected” are all possible.
  • The ultimate goal is to see if the “Review” message becomes an “Approved” or “Active” message.
  • Receive a “rejected” message again, follow the steps below to complete a more formal request.

How to contact support after the ad is rejected:

  • A second rejected Facebook ad usually falls into the “does not change” category, which means the rejection status remains the same.
  • A great place to track more detailed information about the status on the Account Quality page on Facebook.
  • Monitoring this page is important because most issues with the ad account are prohibited from being posted.
  • They may even have a full Facebook account.
  • See what ads are available for another review.
  • For most ads, try once to fix the issues, follow the rules and submit for another review.
  • If someone fails in that review, the ad is usually sent to the unchanged bin, where it cannot be edited.
  • If so, they should launch a completely new ad.
  • Not all ads get another review.
  • Absolute rejections are as outrageous or illegal as statements containing hate speech or statements related to terrorism.
  • However, it has better customer support than the automated algorithm.
  • In that case, go back to the View View results for a questionable statement.
  • They can find the View View Results for Advertising button on the Ads Manager page on Facebook.
  • Click on the “…” elliptical icon in the upper right corner of the page.
  • It shows a dropdown menu with many options.
  • Select the Contact Support button to continue.
  • It delivers to Facebook for the business knowledge base.
  • It is not human customer support, but it helps to guide the correction of the rejected statement.
  • It is recommended to browse through the articles and it is possible to type “ad rejected” to see the most relevant parts.
  • Facebook has hundreds of specific contact forms to reach the customer support rip for specific issues.
  • For more than 24 hours of Ads pending Review Form, The Facebook Advertising Question Form is close to the Direct Contact Form.
  • As long as Facebook ads are involved, they will be able to respond to slightly different concerns.
  • The key to a rejected Facebook ad is to stay calm and play the game.
  • While providing Facebook customer support can be very frustrating, help them by editing the ad in the right way and resubmitting it for review.
  • Trimming the corners can block the ad automatically, making it very difficult to stay in touch with the real person afterwards.