The new Google business profile.

The new Google business profile: –

To manage the Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) from Google Search and the Google Maps application.

Google announced today that the name of its local listing platform, Google My Business (GMB), will change to Google Business Profile.

Over the next few months, all businesses that create a business profile on Google will be able to complete their setup directly in Google Search and Maps.

Will also be able to see if the profile is publicly visible.

Use Google Business Profiles for Local SEO:

One of the best local SEO strategies any eligible local business can use to rank higher on Google and get local customers is to claim and optimize the Google business profile.

Claiming the Google business profile is the first step that should optimize, frequently check and update the business profile with new information.

Keeping the Google business profile up to date is important to success.

An updated Google business profile:

  • 2.7 times more likely to be considered more reputable.
  • Get 7 times more clicks.
  • 70% more likely to attract visitors to the place.
  • 50% more likely to generate a purchase.

Many companies also do not realize that Google and any user can make changes to their business profile, such as an address, hours, upload photos, reviews and more.

Therefore, it is important that regularly check the Google business profile to ensure that no incorrect changes have been made to the profile.

Always follow the Google guidelines:

  • If having a Google business profile, play on Google’s playground.
  • Follow the Google Business Profile guidelines; otherwise, the business profile may be suspended.
  • Ultimately, Google Business Profile is a community profile.
  • Virtually anyone online can contribute to Google’s business profile, and Google encourages user-generated content such as reviews, questions and answers, updates, photos, videos, and more.
  • It is important to ensure that the content that can be added to the profile is legitimate.

To manage the Google business profile:

  • Companies with multiple locations: manage profiles from the Google Business Profile Manager
  • If the company has multiple locations or an agency that manages multiple customer locations, the best way to manage the profiles is to log in to the Business Profile Manager dashboard.
  • Business Profile Manage provides the most flexibility to manage multiple profiles on one dashboard.
  • Single Location Businesses – Manage Google Business Profile directly from search or Google Maps app.
  • If a local business with a single location, the easiest way to manage the Google business profile is from where probably have Google Search open on the computer all day.
  • Manage directly from the Google Maps application.
  • When logging in with the Gmail email address that is used to manage the Google business profile, enter the business name in the search bar and the knowledge panel and an edit panel of the Google business profile will appear.


  • According to Google Consumer Barometer, 40% of local business search engines want to find the hours of operation of local businesses, that is, they must keep the hours up-to-date, especially holidays.
  • Updating the schedule is very easy to change through Google Search.
  • By selecting the schedule, get the most detailed information to update.
  • Not only change the hours of operation but also choose:
  • Open with main hours.
  • Open without main hours.
  • Temporarily closed (demonstrate that the business will reopen in the future).
  • Permanently closed (shows that the business no longer exists).
  • Depending on the type of business to operate, this is a great feature available.


If sell products in-store or in-house, adding products to the Google business profile is a great way to show what to sell.

It’s easy to list products! Click the Get Started button.

  • Product name.
  • Category.
  • Price or price range.
  • Product description.
  • Photo.


The services work very similar to the products, but are aimed at service area companies (SAB) (such as landscapers, plumbers, handymen, roofers, locksmiths, etc.) or companies that offer services to clients or clients ( such as lawyers, accountants, personal trainers, etc.))

Add photos:

  • Local search engines love to see images.
  • According to Google, businesses with photos receive 42% more requests for directions.
  • By uploading real images of the company such as the building, signage, products, services, team members, activities carried out by the company (such as volunteer work), etc. the brand is humanized.
  • These types of images help attract search engines.
  • Upload photos directly from Google search and Maps!
  • Google Business Profile makes it very easy to upload photos from search.
  • Click Add Photos and drag a photo from the computer to the designated section or click the blue Choose photos to upload button.


When having a business, always in marketing and promotion mode!


  • The Clients section allows interacting with clients in ways that are easier than ever.
  • From the Clients section, view and respond to the opinions that have been received from clients and customers, view and reply to messages (remember to reply within 24 hours!).
  • Even answer questions that people have asked in the section of Questions and answers.
  • Keep customers up to date quickly by adding details to the list, promoting the business with Google Ads, or adding any details that may be missing from the Company Profile.
  • If don’t have messaging turned on, turn on messaging directly from search or Maps, request customer reviews by sharing a review form, and even get a personalized email.