Use PPC for Brand Awareness

Brand awareness can seem scare and complicated,  but it’s just a matter of showing the brand to the right people.

When comes up launching a new business, help people become more aware of what they created or what they are trying to sell.

The options are varied, from billboards and bumper stickers to word of mouth and cold calling.

Increase brand awareness with PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns that show ads to people on the internet, including on SERPs,

social media sites, in-app ads, website banners, and more.

In many ways, brand awareness is about how recognizable they are.

In a noisy online world, where brands compete for attention all the time, it can seem impossible to create brand awareness.

Use PPC ads to increase brand awareness by introducing the brand in ads that target the target market.

By creating ads that show what the brand is about, including a memorable name or logo.

If everyone is concerned about large groups of people actually seeing the ads, impressions rather than click-through rates will be more


Keep running a PPC campaign while watching two goals.

Google recommends switching to a pay-per-impression option to build brand awareness.

Objectives of the paid advertising brand awareness campaign:

Building brand awareness can take many forms.

From simply hearing the name or seeing the logo to clicking, browsing the website, and learning more about the target audience can

experience the brand in a variety of different ways.

The goal of the brand awareness campaign is to Let timelines and end goals drive the goals to set for the brand awareness campaign.

Choose to observe the metrics are:

Impressions – This is the number of people who see the ad that are running. 

They can simply scroll or take a moment to read the ad. Either way, they see it.

Clicks: When it comes to general awareness, may be less inclined to worry about the number of people clicking on the site.

CTR – This is a simple formula to find out how many people are clicking, relative to how many are viewing the ad.

Video views: Whether the ad is a video, on social media, in another video, or embedded on a website, Know how many are watching

the video.

Tips to increase brand awareness with PPC and paid social campaigns:

Increasing brand awareness can bring many creative opportunities, but keep in mind that the end goal is to build reputation and

ultimately drive sales.

Focusing on them can help to make strategic decisions in the future.

Know who the target market is, who buys the product or service, they are trying to create the brand awareness campaign for.

Understand the habits of the target market:

Once to know who the recipients are, find out what they do on a daily basis.

Focus efforts on areas where knowing the target market will be. 

It is a waste of time and money to show ads to groups of people outside of the target market.

Don’t forget to also think about emotions and psychology.

The more to know exactly who the target market is, the more can place in particular places to display the ads.

Look for the favourite apps or online tools that sell ad space.

Look at the favourite blogs or news sites for ad opportunities.

Being specific will help to get more out of each view.

Diversify the ads:

Make sure to spread the word about the brand in more than one place or through different ad streams.

For example, use Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram or another equation that makes sense for the brand.

Try some retargeting ads through Google to continue to drip branding on those who have visited the website or social media pages.

Use the right keywords and phrases:

Obvious or generic keywords in Google Ads to see how they will work.

People will see the ads, but remember that brand awareness is about the right people seeing the ads.

The use of precise keywords and phrases means that the ads are more likely to appear in the target market when the problem is

resolved in the mind.

Get creative with keywords:

Building brand awareness through PPC campaigns is that can get really creative with keyword targeting and start showing up in

unlikely places.

Here are some ideas for creativity to be

The keywords of the competition.

Current event keywords.

Trending keywords.

Misspelt keywords.

keywords that the target market is looking for outside the industry.

The key to the tactic is to use creative matching ads.

Include the correct information.

It’s tempting to get too creative with the ads and miss the obvious. 

Remember that the goal here is to increase brand awareness.

People begin to know the brand and the brand to begin to become synonymous with the industry or the problem to be solved.

All of that can be lost if branding basics are forgotten, including:

The logo or a variant of it.

The motto.

The location (if the brand depends on the location).

The website (if not easily searchable).

Case Studies: Brands Increasing Customer Awareness with PPC and Paid Social Ads.

Check out a couple of real-life examples of how to use paid ads to increase brand awareness.

To build brand awareness using PPC and paid social search leveraging Google Ads and other advertising tools, make sure the brand is

there when people are searching.

If looking for a way to get the name out there in the public mind, PPC campaigns can be a powerful way to do it.