Ways to Generate Facebook Leads and Connect with Customers.

New Facebook Ways to Generate Leads and Connect with Customers: –

  • Facebook is rolling out new tools for businesses to help generate more leads and connect with customers on more platforms.
  • Facebook is rolling out new free and paid business tools designed to help businesses find and connect with new customers in more ways.
  • Additionally, Facebook announced new features for next year that are currently in testing.
  • Here’s an overview of all the new and upcoming updates to Facebook for Business.

Click-to-Message Ads Update:

  • Facebook is updating its click-to-send ads, which encourage people to connect with businesses through Messenger, Instagram Direct, or WhatsApp.
  • Businesses can invite customers to connect through all the messaging platforms on which they are available to chat, whether owned by Facebook or a third party.
  • Facebook did not provide an exact list, but “all” should be a complete list of the messaging applications available on smartphones.
  • The Facebook ad will be used by default in the chat app based on where a conversation is likely to occur.

Start WhatsApp Chat from Instagram:

  • Facebook is flexing its integration capabilities with the launch of a new feature involving WhatsApp and Instagram.
  • It is now possible for businesses to add a WhatsApp chat button to their Instagram profile.
  • This can encourage more customers to connect with businesses if they prefer WhatsApp to Instagram direct messages.
  • Businesses will have the option to create clickable ads on WhatsApp directly from the Instagram app.

Request a quote on Messenger:

  • A new Facebook feature will allow businesses to invite customers to request a quote.
  • Businesses can customize their application form by selecting 4-5 questions to ask consumers before sending a message.
  • The customer can quickly request a quote from a company on Facebook by completing a short questionnaire in Messenger.
  • This feature is currently being tested with select advertisers.

Lead generation on Instagram:

  • Facebook plans to test paid and organic tools to help small businesses find and qualify leads directly within the Instagram app.
  • This will create another business case for using Instagram, and Facebook says it will be a more profitable way to generate leads compared to existing solutions.

Characteristics in the tests:

  • The following features are currently in testing.
  • There isn’t a release window for any of them, although Facebook has been known to thoroughly test these kinds of things before rolling it out for all of them.

Facebook Business Suite updates:

  • These features are being added to Facebook Business Suite, which is a free, web-based dashboard for managing Facebook and Instagram activity in one place.
  • Emails: Facebook is testing companies’ ability to manage emails through the Inbox app and send remarketing emails from Facebook Business Suite.
  • File Manager: Facebook Business Suite introduces File Manager, a new feature that allows businesses to create, manage, and publish content.
  • Post-testing: Facebook offers Business Suite post-testing to allow businesses to test and compare multiple versions of a post to see which ones people are most likely to interact with.

Work accounts:

  • Facebook is testing another type of account called a work account, which will allow business-minded users to log in and operate Business Manager without the need for a personal account.
  • Businesses will be able to manage these accounts on behalf of their employees and will have access to enterprise-level features like single sign-on integrations.
  • Facebook plans to test work accounts for the rest of the year with a small group of companies. Availability will be extended in the future.