Writing a copy of the landing page that connects to the customer.

Millions of landing pages are created each year, but most of them will fail to attract the target audience.
While many of us believe that the effectiveness of a landing page lies in its visual design, a truly impressive website relies heavily on copy or text that is used to guide and inform site visitors.
A great web copy does more than just explain the product or service.
Rather, it is the beginning of an audience relationship, a relationship that will keep eager customers coming back again and again and evangelizing the business for the long haul.
Here are some tips to stay ahead of the game.
Advertise the ability to meet a need.
Customers pay more easily for the things they need than for the things they simply want.
If a successful business fills a gap, the website’s responsibility is to demonstrate its ability to fill that gap.
The web copy should clearly identify what need exists in the ideal client’s life (such as the need for an M&A consultant in wealth management or SEO audit) and explain how and why the company is the ideal solution. Remind the audience why they need it.
The audience will be able to relate more closely to the business, which is the foundation of brand loyalty.
Another secret to relating is language.
Show them that are familiar with their community by selecting the appropriate language.
Provide Value Upfront:
If the business has competition, the web copy should be able to answer the most likely question from the audience:
The fastest way to demonstrate expertise and start building a relationship with the audience is to provide value upfront.
While this information is offered to potential customers for free, it is essential to show those customers that each company knows what it is about.
Sometimes, less is more
Avoid the temptation to over-explain the product or service upfront.
Too much text is confusing and will clutter up the landing page, making it difficult for the audience to absorb the information they really need.
Similar to an elevator pitch, the web copy should be able to present and explain the product or service in a few sentences.
Always provide an FAQ section or an “about us” page if need to answer common questions or provide some background on the business.

Include a call to action:
The actual copy of the landing page will include a call to action or the final step in the conversion process.
This call to action must respond to the primary need of the audience.
A security consulting company may announce a free introductory phone call while reminding site visitors that this is key to reducing risk to the business.
Don’t have to be a copywriting expert to create a clean and effective landing page.
By writing for the primary and demographic needs of the audience,  generate copy that builds loyalty and converts even the most sceptical visitors.